Saturday, September 18, 2010

Its finally happening

Finally I've started out on my new adventure into childrens clothing and decided I have got to devote more time to this blog seeing as how I have not been posting at all!!! LOL
I hope to start putting up pictures of the clothing I have been making and to try and get to this blog at least a few times a week. I just get side tracked once I check this and that and before I know it hours have gone by.
I am attending my first childrens market in a few weeks so need to get stuck into sewing. Im madly trying to sort out a new logo, business cards, hang tags, clothing labels etc too so much to do. I am not a business, but I want to look professional anyway.
As you can see I finally worked out how to add a background to my blog and I must say I love it. It took forever to find one I loved, thanks so much to Itkupilli at Cute and Cool Blog Stuff just click on her button to visit her site a very talented artist and wonderful free blog stuff. I also have blog buttons from Cathe Holden another terrific blog to loose yourself in. Cathes button is also in my side bar.

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