Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photos Finally!

If you love Raggedy Anne here is one with a difference. Made using a pattern by Bowls-n-Annies she has pink wool hair, painted legs, coffee dyed body, hand sewn features and button eyes. She wears a bright dress of birthday party fabric and knickers.

My first attempt at distressing a bear. Didn't turn out too bad. This little fellow is SOLD sorry

This is my Olde Generation bear. He's also an Eco Bear being made from, would you believe it, a recycled woolen skirt, I kid you not. I saw this fabric and it just screamed old fashioned bear!
Of course all fabrics were thoroughly washed before being used and he has plastic pellets to weigh him down and clean filling.

If you like different teddies this is the one for you. Shes also an Eco Bear made from a recycled little girls top and lined in blue sheeting. She has pink floral paw and foot pads.

I finally worked out how to upload some photos. I also make bears and dolls, If you are interested just click on the email button to contact me. This one is one of my own patterns, I just adore him! Just look at that face! He's not quite finished yet, just needs his ears sewn on and nose top sewn. He has a weighted bottom.

Another Twirl Skirt

A bright, colourful extra twirly, twirl skirt in florals and spots. Size 5-6. Just click on my Email button to contact me with any questions.

First Photo!!

I love this one. Made of poly/cotton this beautiful twirl skirt has a black and slightly off white spot top section and white and black `peace' theme gathered lower section. It has elastic in the waist. Size 4-5.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Would you like to drop me a line and let me know what sort of clothing you would like to see me make for your children or babies? Im going to be making frilly bot nappy covers for one, I just love them, but any other ideas? Cant wait for your suggestions!

Tag trouble

Having trouble getting my clothing tags made up in time, and trying to sort out how to pay for business cards etc when I don't have a credit card! I haven't had a good day LOL I also tried putting on some photos and so far no luck.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Market Day?

Well I changed my mind again- hey its a womans perogative! Yes I booked in to the City Kids Market, Estonian House, 200 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide. The date is November 13th, Pagent Day, between 9 to 3, Ill be site 20 right behind my daughter that is if I hurry up and pay for my site. I've been madly trying to get all the labels etc organized and have yet to get stuck into the sewing side.
I will try and download some photos of items I will be selling.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To much to do!

Since my last post I decided to postpone my first market date until I have time to make up lots of stock and am completely organized. Dont want to start out behind the 8 ball! Once Ive sorted out my logo, etc etc Ill reapply for a site and hopefully get one.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Its finally happening

Finally I've started out on my new adventure into childrens clothing and decided I have got to devote more time to this blog seeing as how I have not been posting at all!!! LOL
I hope to start putting up pictures of the clothing I have been making and to try and get to this blog at least a few times a week. I just get side tracked once I check this and that and before I know it hours have gone by.
I am attending my first childrens market in a few weeks so need to get stuck into sewing. Im madly trying to sort out a new logo, business cards, hang tags, clothing labels etc too so much to do. I am not a business, but I want to look professional anyway.
As you can see I finally worked out how to add a background to my blog and I must say I love it. It took forever to find one I loved, thanks so much to Itkupilli at Cute and Cool Blog Stuff just click on her button to visit her site a very talented artist and wonderful free blog stuff. I also have blog buttons from Cathe Holden another terrific blog to loose yourself in. Cathes button is also in my side bar.