Saturday, February 5, 2011

not good at this!

Yes I know it has been ages since I posted again!!! Im really not very good at keeping up with this blog. Since entering the world of Facebook I seem to spend all my time there.

Since my last post I have had some very good news. One of my new little grandchildren have been born. My Son and Daughter in law have welcomed little, and I do mean little, Lotti Rose into the family. I was there for the birth and even cut the cord! Lotti only weighed 5 lbs and was 17 1/4" long. A tiny little bundle of joy. Born on the 26th of January at 4.25pm, she was 3 weeks early but still looked fully cooked to me. We are all so thrilled to have her, and her brothers and sisters are ecstatic. Lotti is number 5 in her family. Isn't She  the Most Beautiful Baby in the World!!

I have another grandchild due in 8 weeks! My Daughter is also having her 5th child. Can't tell you what `it' will be as my Daughter does not want everyone to know what she is having, one thing is for sure, its a baby!! LOL, Id say about 8 1/2 pounds like her other babies have been. I am sooooo lucky to have so many grandchildren and can't wait to welcome my 10 th.

In other news I have obtained a stall at the North East Kids Market, 13th February at the Greenwith Community Centre, The Golden Way, Greenwith, Adelaide.  My daughter will be there too, please drop by and say hello to us.