Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catch Up

Hi All sorry I've been missing for a while Ive been busy Sewing, Christmas shopping, Living! Ive also had a couple of  health problems lately and had to do a sleep apnea test at home! Has anyone else had one of these? OMG it took me 1/2 and hour just to put it all on. My doctor suggested I run this test as I have been feeling run down lately, im a bit of an insomniac, as I said to the doctor "I just feel glaaaah". He decided I'm not getting enough sleep and since this problem (apnea) is in the family thought it a good idea to check it out. I had 3 electrodes on my face, one behind my ear and 2 on my chest and that was just the start of it. The gadget was strapped just above my waist, and I had 2 straps, one on my chest the other on my waist. All these where connected to wires of course. To top it off I had a breathing tube hooked over my ears and in my nose and a thing taped to my finger. Well I should have taken a photo, can you just picture it, now think really funny! My BF couldn't stop laughing at me. Now this was all for lack of sleep, now imagine sleeping with it on!! I was scared I'd strangle myself!!! and the nose thing tickled.
Fortunately I did wake up, after only about 3 1/2 hours sleep! You have to be asleep for at least 4-6 hours for it to work!!! LOL

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Facebook Likers

So thrilled that I have 8 new likers on my Facebook page!
I have been working on some more gorgeous skirts today cant wait to get them finished so I can post them. 
Boy was it hot today I dont know how Im going to go when summer really hits! Took Emily (my dog) down to the beach tonight, she just loves the sand, but there was not even a hint of a breeze. Keep cool looks like its going to be hot all week, Yuk!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

More Photos

Heres a sneak peak of photos I have added to my facebook page. Click on  the link below the slideshow to see the rest!

And my new Labels and tags that I am sooo excited about. I ordered them from Vistaprint (the hang tag/business card and long hang tag) the care labels from R Draper @ Co Apparel labels and finally the sew on One Little Pearl labels from etsy seller MommieMadeIt. I would recommend all these sellers.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Market!

No I'm not doing another Market but I do hope to get into this one one day. Went to a fantastic market today Lollipop Markets, Military road, West beach. If you have a baby or young children and you get a chance make sure you are at the next one. It has to be the best Market Ive been to. Congratulations to Nicole, Kaye and Bree on such a well organized market.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Little Pearl on Facebook

Drop on by and check out my One Little Pearl facebook page, the link is in My Favourites under the slide show near the bottom of this page. I would love for you to `like' my page and maybe leave a comment. I am trying to break into a very competitive market in baby/childrens clothing and am trying to get my name out there.
I will be using this blog for some personal stuff as well and mainly business on facebook. Any items you may be interested in on either page can be enquired  about on both. I will be running a competition over there once I get more understanding of how that page works.
Any ideas on items you would like made that you have not seen around would be handy to know.
Thank you


New Dress

Iv'e been working on my patterns and sizing. I tried one of  the dresses I made on my grandchild only to find it was too wide so I've had to alter the pattern taking out some of the fullness. I've added a loose coordinating sash to the original so it can be used at the waist, under bust or even down on the hips. I still love the dress and will try it on my little model again to check the results. Ill try to get photos for you of the before and after to see what you think.