Saturday, July 18, 2009

Im Back!!!!!

Well I haven't really been anywhere LOL. I had to spring clean the house and do a major declutter job with the help of my daughter and her partner. Truth be known it wouldn't have been done without them. Thanks sooooo much. Mind you I did shed a few tears, its just amazing how attached you can get to things you have never used or will never use again. No more collecting EVERYTHING!!!! I kid you not the place actually echos now that all the 'extras' have gone.

Well I did actually attend a small craft show near me, and did pretty well, since my last post but I really need to decide exactly what sort of items I am going to concentrate on making. I make many different things, from different areas; 'primitive' items need fabrics of all different weights, paints, brushes, sand paper, staining equiptment, scents etc etc and my bears need fur, stuffing, eyes, pellets to weight them, embroidery threads, disks and joints, special scissors etc. Country dolls need a different style of fabrics to prims, and softies yet another type; it would be easier, more cost effective and require less space to store if I stuck to just one area. I wouldn't need as many different supplies; anyone who does any type of craft knows how much you accumulate. The trouble is I dont know what I want to do. AAAAHHHH

I thought maybe I'd try making some gothic dolls, hair bows and softies as I have already designed an 'Abby' doll, and made up several hair clips. Then again I wouldn't mind making childrens clothes, girls preferably, but I dont have an overlocker and I have to watch I dont overlap into my daughters childrens range. Jaki doesnt even know Im considering this, OOOPS she will now, shes my only follower LOL

Boy I dont blog often but when I do you cant shut me up.
See u next time