Thursday, March 10, 2011

I did warn you!

Yes, as the title of this post says I did warn you, I'm not the greatest at posting on this blog, Facebook has taken me over!
I have been thinking lately that I really should at least try Made-it for a while, get my name out there, see how my items are received. What do you think? Ive been trying to work out a logo for the top of my Made-it Store, not easy when you are not really that computer savy.
Since last posting my likers on my facebook page have reached 106 and I have my first on line order for a dress. Have to start on it tomorrow!!
I have also had my first overseas parcel arrive; gorgeous fabric from America, cant wait to work with it.
My Daughters baby is due in a weeks time, making 10 grandchildren. Cant wait for this little one to be born and neither can my daughter, she is so big, poor kid, but it will all be worth it in the end.
Oh almost forgot I have also been to my 2nd and more successful Market, this time at the North East Kids Market at Greenwith and will be selling there again on April 3rd. So lots of work to do!!
I'll try and blog once a week in the future, in the mean time why don't you check me out on Facebook at


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