Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ive got a Blog!?

Well I have no idea what to say or for that matter what Im doing with a blog.
My daughter decided I needed one.
Why One Little Pearl? It's the first thing I thought of when my daughter said 'what do you want to call your blog?'.
My grandmother, Nanny we called her, had this little lullaby she sang to all of us as babies.
It went:

Go to sleepy, sleepy bye, Dont you never, never cry, you are Nannys little baby,
you are Nannys little Girl you are Nannys little pearl, you are Nannys little baby, (repeat until
asleep!) LOL.
Of course this lullaby came with rocking back and forwards, and patting baby on the back.

So you see I am 'one' of Nannys 'little pearls'.
Now if the baby was a boy you were 'Nannys pride and joy', the rest was the same.
This lullaby has been passed down through the family, I dont know how far back it goes. I sang it to my kids and to my grandkids when they were babies. The older ones join in when they hear me singing it to one of the younger kids and pat with me.

Another was;
Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little darling,
Close your eyes dont cry go to sleepy sleepy bye,
repeat and alternate with the other lullaby.
Its great to have something to pass down through the generations.

ME, Im a young, 50 something mother of 2 wonderful kids and 8 gorgeous grandkids, yes they are doing their bit to increase the population. LOL
Ive sewn or made crafts of one sort or another most of my life. We used to make up our own craft classes during school holidays and I remember making some really strange looking clothes for my Barbie when I was quite young.

I make crafts to sell once a year at a small fair, for a little extra money, and have sold some items on Each year I try to make some different things as many of the people who buy at my stall come back each year. I sell Primitive items and dolls, some Country, now Im making bears, and trying my hand at softies. Im a NCIS fan and love the Abby character who is goth, so I thought I might try designing and making my version of her. Dont expect her to be life-like as I make rag dolls.
Ill be posting photos of some of the items Im making and may offer some for sale if I can work out how to use this blog!

PS If you have a baby, are having one or know someone who is having one; or have small children check out my daughters website. She sells all sorts of things for babies and children, mainly little girls, and she makes most items by hand herself.
Her web site is:

Please bear with me while I try and work out how to use this blog!

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  1. YAY!! Good work Ma, your first blog.... finally!! :) Now you just need to add some pics of all the gorgeous stuff you make :)